Monday, January 13, 2014

the stresses of an 18 year old...

money money work money school money car money bills money college grades money scholarships money payments budget money school money where to go to school money graduation THE FUTURE money how to pay for college money money money money grades money money pay for gas money money college work money work pay for school money money money money money school social life? money scholarships grades graduation money money money money money money boyfriends money grades family money money church duties money money car gas money money GRADUATE JUST GRADUATE money money scholarships college work school homework study money study money tests money money money money bills money money work money no time money running out of time money money grades school money school money grades money money money payments money no money save spend money need money sometimes you lock your keys in your car ok money money college money WHAT AM I DOING AFTER HIGH SCHOOL money money money money money no money work payments bills work college high school money money grades money money gas money

life is unfair.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

we have an AVID reader of this blog.
we apologize for the inconsistency of keeping posted. Then again, we only have one reader.
her name is Tina. Tina Graves. She is my aunt. (LeAndra)
Emma and i were just talking about it,and we have decided that she is adorable!
Anyways, I leave for COLORADO in like 9 days, i am once again leaving my best friend on her birthday.
i hate it, but being in Colorado freaking rocks yo!
So, in class we just entered everything we ate yesterday into
emma is fat.
okay well no, she is way skinnier than me,but her metabolism is as fast as a dingo chasing a baby.
assuming babies run at about 100 mph.
which they do.
i know so.
Anyways,i was low on my total colories only because i worked all last night and didnt eat much.
also with work.they HATE ME I SWEAR.
they always put Emma on headset,so she get to repeat "Its a great night here at chick fil a my name is Emma how may i serve you?" about 358925629 times a day. Oh, well what do i do? WELL I DONT TAKE ORDERS THATS FOR SURE.
i usually walk around and clean tables and spills and the piss kids leave me in the playplace. HOW FUN!
oh, but when im not doing that, i have to walk around for hours sweating my insides out in a cow suit. And to makes things worse, IM DRESSED AS SANTA COW.santa cow wears a hug jacket and it makes it even more like AN INFERNO. (emmas favorite word)
anyways little kids screaming and running to me calling me mister cow is not my all time favorite thing.
Well,i have to take a nap or something.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

31st of October. LeAndra's favorite holiday. a.k.a...Halloween

I'd like to share a few fond memories. Plus it's been awhile since we've posted any pictures. First off i just want to say that LeAndra and I take Halloween very seriously. like, we go all out. and we have done--every year. well except for our freshman year. I guess we didn't know how much fun it would be to dress up together...meaning, well you'll see. Halloween. it's tradition for us. and we always have fun.
Our sophomore year we decided we wanted to be LMFAO. Their new song "Everyday I'm Shufflin" had just come out. And we both loved the music video. COULD. NOT. STOP. WATCHING. IT. if you haven't seen it--just go and watch it. anyway that's where we got the inspiration to dress up like this:
IN 2011
is it sad that both of us can pull off looking like men? I personally think I look more like a man, my big nose and everything...but yeah. we totes def {that one was for you rachael;} look like actual, real-life MEN in that last one.

And then last year we wanted to be a duo again but LeAndra had said that she lost a bet or something to her cousin. She had to be Napolean Dynamite. so obviously I was going to be Kip. We took a grand adventure to the D.I. and got our costumes. and that's how we became this:
IN 2012
never mind the fact i look like a pedophile...LeAndra was for sure, hands down thee best Napolean Dynamite impersonator. That whole night she ran like him, she talked like him--it was great.

aaaand this year we could not figure out what we wanted to be. we really wanted to be Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster-- only the greatest best friends of all time {besides us} buuuuut we figured it might be a bit wrong/racist if one of us painted our skin dark. and besides you can't have a white Gus. but just imagine that possibility for a moment ok. We would have BEEN PERFECT. Both of us have seen every single episode more than once and we know pretty much every single word they would say in a situation. you know that's right. if only LeAndra was actually black...
so this year it was sort of last minute, but we ended up deciding to be "creepy porcelain dolls". The first year we actually got to be girls. and we put so much effort and planning and detail into this. awesome. costume. we went to goodwill and target and target again and then back to target again. it was fun destroying our dresses and then applying the make-up. FYI never put fake eyelashes on your bottom lashes. EVER. here is our masterpiece:
IN 2013

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

just girl stuff.

can i just speak my mind for a little bit? yes? ok. here goes...

i believe that 75% of all girls by the age of 12 have either planned out their entire wedding or they at least know in some aspect what they want their wedding to be like. the other 25% are stupid. ok that's a bit too strong of a word. not stupid. just haters.

it's what we do. don't try and understand it. i don't know. i can't explain it. it all begins with that little simple fairytale story that you were told ever since you were a wee little one and it's one that everybody knows. you find the perfect prince and get married in the most beautiful gown you can imagine and then live happily ever after. it's what we're made to believe. at least... what i was made to believe. and even though those stories are full of crap and loaded with feces covered in lies--the point is. i still believe it will happen! i guess if i should blame anyone i should BLAME DISNEY.

where was i going with this? and what was the point of my rambling? just that this might be some sort of explanation as to why us girls {or just me} are obsessed with weddings. the fairytale. princes. and happily ever afters. pretty dresses and sparkly things. and all of this to say that these past few days LeAndra and i have been sort of planning our own weddings. trust me. it's fun. ha.

it's really quite entertaining. we seem to be on computers a lot lately at school. and whenever there is free time--what do we do? search engagement rings and type in modest wedding dresses into the google search bar. oh yes.

my cake will have three tiers with three different flavors. do you want to know what kind? of course you do. red velvet, dark chocolate, and cheesecake. LeAndra wants a simple ring probably with the highest clarity, many carats, the perfect color, and a round cut. {i also just recently learned what each of those mean and what exactly to look for in a ring, BOO-YAH.} the ring will probably turn out to be $500,000--but HEY. boys, she is worth it.

i could probably go on and on but that would be annoying and really who cares?...i do. i care. yeahhhh i'm totes going to stop writing now. LeAndra is way better at this than me.


Sunday, September 29, 2013

whaapaaah, dood. WINTAH FEERMUL

LeAndra here for now.
Emma is probably taking a nap.Okay, its Sunday, 4:20 pm, DUH she is napping. i would be as well, only see, here is the thing. i have just got a lot of crap going on.
Its just ridiculous.
other than that, my life has been pretty swell. I have Surrounded myself with amazing people, and by that, i mean Emma. lets face it.
and im okay with that.
ANDD, now that homecoming is over with.
twas last night, and neither of us got asked, its winter formal asking time. (girl ask boy)
and i am just not looking forward to that.
a. FORMAL. that means a dress, and makeup, which are two things im bad at.
b. ASKING. now, many people say that i am a flirt. which is hurtful honestly. i like talking to people, but i hate probably 99% of them. its sad but true. and at my school, i dont talk to any boys. haha.
i literally have maybe 2 really close guy friends, and one is homosexual. so hes off of my list.
its just one more thing to add to my stress list.
well sshhhfanx for reading. even though this is a secret blog.
also,my favorite hymn is playing on my pandora station right now.
praise to the man.
its amazing.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

this little diddy...

LeAndra is so irritated with me right now. just because i wanted a different picture for a project that we are doing. well we ended up using it anyway ok! even now at this very moment she's giving me the death glare. yeah well you know what LeAndra? I love you. YEAH. Even though you personally hand-picked the picture AND the words AND the cupcakes AND the shoes AND some very overweight purple rhinoceroseseses. okaaaay this is the end of my little diddy.